Bill Gates: Key Lessons from one of the Most Influential Leaders of Modern Society

Bill Gates: Key Lessons from one of the Most Influential Leaders of Modern Society

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Bill-GatesYear 2008 witnessed an extraordinary occurrence – the end of a big chapter in Business, Technology and Greatness. William Henry Gates III, the founder of the leading technology company, Microsoft, has chosen to step back and begin concentrating on the larger objectives in his life. Despite his humble stepping back as CEO at Microsoft in 2008, Gates even so manages to be on top as he ranks second in the Forbes’ 2011 Billionaire List with a net worth of about $56B. Bill Gates certainly has been a popular name to reckon with in almost every single household and in virtually every company. In a profession spanning more than 33 years, he indeed had furnished a magnificent perception of accomplishment for himself as well as the computer industry as a whole.

“If only General Motors had kept up with technology like the computer industry indeed has, we would all be driving on $25 cars which have 1,000 mpg”- this is definitely the influence he possessed after getting Microsoft to its pinnacle of glory in the IT arena.

Bill Gates – Great Vision will Always Motivate Success

‘Each and every household and company must have a computer and work on Microsoft Software’ – this had been Bill Gates’ essential guiding perspective when he started off his work. Here arrives a young man who relied on his passion and very own gut feeling to realize this vision. Nobody else on earth was then aware of the dazzling potential that awaited the software applications.

“We just aren’t even near to finishing the basic dream of what the PC can be”, as cited by Gates. He was not a billionaire by sheer luck. No one could come up with a software application as remarkable as he could. Even as a Harvard University dropout, he still followed his vision of establishing software application for virtually every computer in the planet. Gates had still been a college sophomore when he was able to devise a program employed for pancake sorting as a solution to a series of unresolved problems that appeared in combinatronics. Even while in college Gates spent the majority of his time in the school computers. Gates just did not have any particular study plan while attending college then. He kept in contact with Paul Allen who later joined him at Honeywell in 1974. 1975 was the year when the MTS Altair 800 based on Intel 8080 CPU came out, and this was regarded as a fabulous chance by Gates and Allen to create a computer software enterprise that was eventually to lead the world with its innovations. Gates outlined his perspectives, desire and decision with his parents. And they were definitely encouraging and convinced, and this allowed Gates to start out in his adventurous ways of starting a enterprise.

 Bill Gates Failures are lessons

“Your most unsatisfied customers are your greatest source of learning”, explains Bill Gates. When the Microsoft OS debuted there had been numerous criticisms and negative feedback that they were getting from the marketplace. Instead of taking these negatively for his enterprise, he used all these failures to his benefit by augmenting them and boosting the user experience. Rather, he made use of all these failures to his advantage by improving upon the OS and increasing user experience. “It really is great to celebrate success but it’s more vital to heed the lessons of failure”, adds Gates.

The Greater your Self Respect, the Better it Gets

Bill Gates MicrosoftThe tougher you hang on, the bolder you will become, and the sooner will these types of pessimistic criticisms fade. This strong will kept Gates going during the time when IBM pulled out the agreement for an operating system that will be bundled with IBM clone PCs. On that event Gates focused his efforts in building Windows amidst the struggles of the company.

Feeding your Thoughts

From the very beginning, Gates was always open to innovative concepts. He was always a firm believer that there’s no end to understanding from people, books and day-to-day happenings.“I really had a lot of aspirations when I was a kid, and I believe a lot of that grew out from the fact that I had the chance to read a lot”, cites Bill Gates. Not only is Gates ever ready for suggestions to circulate around in Microsoft, but is also open for cultivating this sense of great innovation in every one of his staff at Microsoft.

Success must Never Get on the Head

Bill Gates managed to gain both money and fame even at a young age of 21, this did not stop him from achieving a lot more and zooming to greater heights of glory. “If only I’d some set notion of a finish line, don’t you believe I would have crossed it a long time ago?” shares Gates. Gates has ever believed that Microsoft is not about greed, but about fairness and uniqueness.