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Bill Gates was quizzed by Fortune Magazine to spell out the massive achievements of Microsoft. His quick reply was: “It’s our vision – which hasn’t altered since the day the company had been founded”. Gates was in fact a smart entrepreneur who identified the likely explosive marketplace for PCs and subsequently set out to stamp [...]

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This Video is part of the documatery called “Triumph of the Nerds” which details the rise of Silicon Valley’s Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. This section of video shows how Bill Gates took Windows to become a Market Leader

How Bill Gates Made Windows the Market Leader

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Over the summer of 1975, a whiz kid quit Harvard University and moved to a low cost motel in Albuquerque, NM. Bill Gates was merely 19, restless and also motivated by his fervor to transform the world. He had become the Chairman of Microsoft’s Board at a very young age of 29. Gates then pledged [...]

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He’s the computer nerd who has grown up to be the world’s richest man. And not only that, he’s as well one among the contemporary foremost philanthropist enhancing the lives of countless impoverished people across the world. Let us find out what precisely makes this man tick.

Computer software visionary and mogul Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder, [...]

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Bill Gates and the Birth of Microsoft. The making of the biggest software company in the World from the creator Bill Gates.

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Year 2008 witnessed an extraordinary occurrence – the end of a big chapter in Business, Technology and Greatness. William Henry Gates III, the founder of the leading technology company, Microsoft, has chosen to step back and begin concentrating on the larger objectives in his life. Despite his humble stepping back as CEO at Microsoft in [...]

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Welcome to ‘The Gates Effect’. This blog is designed to share with you the secrets to success of Bill Gates.

Software pioneer Bill Gates had a dream to have a personal computer in every home. After turning that goal into a reality Bill Gates is now looking to solve global issues through his foundation.

There [...]

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